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Mysterious sleep

⭐️Importance of Sleep⭐️


👉Is having a good night's sleep essential for good health?

❗️Yes, it is absolutely essential to sleep, because it is while we sleep that there is regeneration and consolidation of information.


👉Can prolonged sleep deprivation be lethal?

❗️Yes, although we still do not know with absolute certainty the reason we have to sleep, prolonged sleep deprivation can lead to death.


👉Is having dreams while sleeping essential for good health?

❗️Perhaps, dreams can be adaptive and penetrating, there may be people who, due to some dysfunction or some medication do not dream, these people look good and say they feel good and have no complaints🤷🏻‍♀️


👉Do some people dream regularly, others dream from time to time, and others never dream?

❗️Speaking of people who do not have any dysfunction and do not take medication to inhibit dreams, so probably everyone dreams, just do not remember, and that's good, it's a sign that they slept well.


👉Does the body and the Brain shut down altogether while we sleep, to relax and to rest?

❗️No, the brain never shuts down, what happens is that they distinct areas of the brain are working, but they are never completely disconnect, otherwise we would die.

There are phenomenal changes while we sleep in the body and in the brain, some of which are related to REM sleep and non REM sleep.


All of your sleep-related questions will be answered during the workshop “SLEEP HYGIENE” which is COMING SOON🔥



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