Reiki is the ancient Tibetan art of channeling vital energy by the laying on of hands. This energy is fundamental to life and whenever there is a reduction or a blockage in the circulation of this energy, the body weakens and the vital functions cease to be processed correctly. The amount of vital energy in the Universe is inexhaustible and through it we can restore the correct functioning of the body, whether physically, mentally or spiritually.

The release of these blocks allows us to regulate the flow of vital energy throughout the body making our lives better, which should be our normal condition. Suffering, whatever it is, is useful to show that we are on the wrong path. We can stop to think because we choose, often unconsciously, to mistreat our body and consciously choose to "grab the reins" of our life and be happy.

How does Reiki work?

We are alive because the life force flows in us. This energy circulates within our body through the chakras, meridians and nadis. It also flows around us in an energy field called the aura or electromagnetic field.
Vital energy has the role of nourishing all the cells of our body, allowing it to maintain its vital functions fully. It is also at the origin of our thoughts and emotions. When these thoughts and emotions are negative they cause a muscular contraction that blocks the circulation channels of energy and reduces the level of activity of our organism.
Reiki, as it flows through the blocked zones, removes these blocks and restores normal energy circulation, regenerating damaged cells.

Reiki and its Complementary Therapies

There are some complementary therapies in Reiki that can help in a very effective way either in the process of self-knowledge or in solving many physical problems resulting from energy deprivation in different parts of the body.
In most cases, the fact that people become aware of their habitual beliefs and patterns is crucial in their healing process. By becoming aware of the emotional origins that lead to their physical and / or psychological problems, it becomes easier to free themselves from the "moorings" of which they are unaware, but which sometimes dramatically condition their lives and their Experiences.
As has been proven by quantum physics, Reiki (vital energy) has its own intelligence and as such it is infallibly directed to the points where it is most needed.

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