Clinical psychology is a specialty that evaluates, diagnoses and intervenes in the mental / emotional issues that are so common in today's society, through the construction of a strictly confidential therapeutic relationship based on the understanding, analysis and Transformation of the malaise, suffering or symptoms that so often condition and limit the personal, relational, social and professional life of the human being.

Behind symptoms such as constant sadness, feeling of emptiness, generalized anxiety, avoidance or panic situations, repetitive negative thoughts, persistent fears, compulsive behaviors, persistent insomnia, difficulty in building relationships or socializing, etc. are often found a silent suffering that is not understood, verbalized, thought or mentalised.


Before a request for Psychological Assessment, a diagnosis is made that includes the analysis of questions related to the structure of the personality, the mental functioning, the way of looking at and managing the feelings, as well as the way the person relates to himself and to the surrounding her. Psychological assessment can also integrate the cognitive, perceptual-graph, and development dimensions.


In Clinical Psychology of the Child it is necessary to be particularly attentive to the behavioral manifestations because it is through the behavior that, often, the children demonstrate that they are not evolving emotionally in an adequate way.. Thus persistent tantrums, oppositional behaviors, learning, concentration, attention difficulties, limiting fears, difficulties in socializing or dealing with frustration are, for example, very important indicators that something may not be going well at the level of the various stages of emotional development, which can have very negative consequences in building a flexible and strong personality, as well as good self-esteem.. Through the therapeutic relationship and playfulness the child resumes his development, unlocking the distressing issues that he is not able to overcome and builds an internal "device" to calm and understand his feelings, which will be extremely useful to him throughout his life.


In Adolescent Psychology, questions frequently arise regarding the construction of identity, inherent in the growth / autonomization process characteristic of this stage, which often provoke symptoms and / or behaviors with which the adolescent or the family itself may have difficulty in to deal. These symptoms may reflect an adolescent's resistance to accepting and integrating the significant physical and emotional changes to which he is subjected at this important stage of development. A blockage or maladaptation at this stage, where peers assume such significant importance, can lead to behaviors, choices and identifications negative with serious future consequences.

In Adult Psychology, in addition to emotional symptoms that hinder and limit the life and well-being of the same, difficulties often arise in the construction of personal or professional relationships, which may be associated with the maintenance / repetition of ineffective relational patterns previously learned. Through the "therapeutic relationship", ways are opened not only to construct other forms of relationship and communication, but also to acquire ways of transforming / calming the way of feeling and thinking. In this way, a greater tolerance for anxiety and frustration develops and the way one feels and sees oneself is altered, often improving their self-esteem and self-confidence.


The articulation of Clinical Psychology with other specialties is essential, as in pregnancy, puerperium and postpartum, in support of smoking cessation, and other dependencies, obesity or even in the adaptation / follow-up of various physical diseases difficult to accept or overcome. Clinical Psychology is, therefore, a multidisciplinary specialty that integrates with many others, involving all the aspects of each person and, therefore, allowing better results.

Psychology is a complement to Neuroplasticity

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