HPB /  HPS Mission

  • Our main mission is helping people to grow and develop their skills and to minimize their weaknesses.

  • Assist in relearning skills in people with neurodegenerative diseases, cancer or CVA

  • Helping individuals, teams and companies achieve high performance in each of their skills or team performance is another of our missions, introducing the training of NeuroPlasticity providing the balancing the body and mind in order to impel an almost perfect symbiosis between both..

  • Promote differentiated and value-added courses for Coachs who want to evolve in high performance, neuroplasticity, body language and emotional intelligence.

  • To promote Workshops, Specialization Courses and Post Graduations differentiating and adding value in the scope of Neuro Sciences, Neuropsychology, Nutrition and Physical Exercise.

  • We want to create added value and make a difference - wherever we are, in everything we do and with who we do.

  • Acting in a safe and profitable manner, with social and environmental responsibility, in all national and / or international markets.

Having as main target markets:

  • Companies​

  •  Schools / Colleges

  •  Sports Clubs

  •  Fitness clubs

  •  Individuals

  •  Health Care and Health Care Institutions

  •  Informal and formal caregivers

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