Exercise and Evaluation Counseling

Physical inactivity is considered a major risk factor for chronic noncommunicable diseases. Due to the great commitment that it can cause, it is currently considered as a public health problem and by many health professionals, it is also considered as the evil of the century.

The benefits of physical exercise in health are well known, ranging from weight control, prevention of some diseases and health conditions, increased energy levels and improved sleep quality. Thus, it is increasingly perceived that the benefits are not limited to an athletic physique, but entirely linked to hormonal and cognitive issues. In fact, experimental and clinical studies have reported that physical exercise induces structural and functional changes in the brain, determining enormous biological and psychological benefits, is a facilitator of neuroplasticity and stimulates the production of neurotrophic factors that are very important for cell regeneration.

Thus, physical evaluation is a way to better advise on the practice of physical exercise for people with or without physical pathologies or with or without cognitive, emotional and sensorial decline. Combined with the concept of Neuroplasticity, the prescription of physical exercise seeks to boost individual capacities and prevent the onset of diseases, strengthening the immune system.

HPB incorporates integrated physical exercise assessment and counseling consultations with all other valences in the sense of optimizing and preventing the health of each individual.


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