Did you know that the brain shrinks from the age of 35 and that implies the loss of innate faculties / skills like vision, hearing, reasoning speed, etc.?

Did you know that Coaching has as its principle the exploration of internal resources and allows a new positioning in front of life?

Coaching and Neuroplasticity are directly connected, providing an important symbiosis to enhance the evolution of innate skills as well as the development of new ones.

What is Coaching? The word coaching comes from the English word "coach" and means coach. Coaching aims to facilitate, encourage and motivate using techniques and tools that enable Coachee to achieve their dream or goals. The Coach, with Coachee, draws up an action plan taking you from your current state (present moment!) To the desired state (where you want to go!). Through focus, action planning and continuous improvement

What is Neuroplasticity? Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change chemically, physically, and functionally, at any age whether for better or for worse, the plasticity of the brain manifests itself in the form of changes in cognitive, emotional, and sensory skills.
The changes can be translated in the direction of the empowerment and the development of skills or in the loss of them. In order not to be lost it is necessary the training of Neuroplasticity. This training is also an excellent tool for those who suffer from disorders in the nervous system (anxiety, depression, intense stress), of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Cancer, among others, as it allows not only delaying the evolution of the disease as well assist in relearning weakened skills.
Neuroplasticity training with a balanced diet and physical exercise are the necessary ingredients for the brain not to shrink and to potentiate it even more. The brain, although not a muscle, works as such, as far as the training aspect is concerned. It needs training to keep fit, in the fullness of high performance.

Objectives of this WORKSHOP:

- Get in touch with Neuroplasticity and Coaching through content, individual and group exercises and guided meditation that will allow access to a greater awareness of goals, dreams, purpose of life and mission.
- Facilitate, encourage, motivate change, on a personal and/or professional level;
- Provide valuable tools to promote self-knowledge where the opportunity to analyze cognitive, emotional and sensory skills, behavior patterns, limiting beliefs and limiting thoughts will be given.

This workshop has a maximum capacity of 20 people.
All participants will be entitled to a surprise promotional gift.

Upgrade Yourselt, "Rebuild Your Brain"

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Date: de 12 a 14 Janeiro 2018

Value: 200 € per participant with registrations until 31 December 2017

            250 € per participant with registrations until 09 January 2018

Local: Solar Quinta do Pouchão, Abrantes, Portugal

Dress Code: Sports clothing and shoes

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