Anti Aging, Healthy Brain and Healthy Lifetime Consultation

This is a consultation involving a multidisciplinary team in the areas of genetics, physical exercise, nutrition, neuropsychology, psychology, dentistry and neurosciences, where we incorporate genetic tests of nutrigenetics and athletic performance.

Yet there are no miracles, neither do we promise eternal life. The Anti-Aging, Healthy Brain, and Healthy Lifetime queries are not meant to stop time, but help to specifically slow down our biological clock, preventing the onset of disease and slowing down (as much as possible). of aging.

Key Benefits of Anti-Aging, Healthy Brain, Healthy Lifetime

  • Improvement of intellectual performance and of brain, cognitive, emotional and sensory processes;

  • Improvement of physical condition;

  • Increased tone and muscle mass;

  • Improvement of joint flexibility and reflexes;

  • Control of silent inflammation

  • Reduction of toxins

  • Improvement of the body's immune system and defenses;

  • Hormone modulation

  • Reversal of cellular aging;

  • Optimization of health and prevention of diseases.

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