José Carvalho

Neuro Coach,  Therapist, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Speaker/Teacher

  • Neuro Coach, Teacher and Therapist, specializing in neuroscience and neuroplasticity, developed the innovative Neuroplasticity Training, where it combines physical training with neuroplasticity training simultaneously, resulting in a higher cognitive, emotional and sensory development and providing a simultaneous physical development.

  • Coach and Mentor experienced in high performance of people and teams, in areas such as sports, business, educational and personal, with experience in the international scope.

  • Consultant of various types of national and international companies, with excellent results in high profitability and productivity.

Education and Training:

  • Introduction to Clinical Neurology

  • Medical Neurosciences

  • Neurosciences and education

  • Executive Coaching

  • Sports Coaching

  • High Competition Training Management

  • HACCP / Traceability

  • Project Manager

  • Maintenance, Production and Quality Management

  • Industrial engineering

Ana Silva

Assistant Professor, Researcher, Swimming Teacher and Fitness Instructor, Speaker

  • Teacher of Learning and Motor Development, Exercise Prescription and Sports Training Theory.

  • Teacher and researcher in the field of Training.

  • Fitness instructor (water aerobics, group lessons and personalized training) and swimming.

Education and Training:

  • Bachelor in Physical Education and Sport

  • Master in Sports for Children and Young People

  • PhD in Sports Sciences

  • Swimming Coach Level I

  • Personal Trainer Course

  • Fitness Course and Group Activities

  • Aquatic Activities and Hydrogeology Course

Catarina Franco Fernandes

Specialized dentist, Researcher, Speaker


  • Author of the bilingual book: "Let's play for dentists! / Vamos brincar aos dentistas!

  • Specialized dentist with extensive experience in the treatment of children and anxious patients. In recent years also dedicated to geriatrics, working in dental ambulant  with mild to severe cognitive impairment and dementia patients living in elderly care centers in the Netherlands and differentiating in gerodontics.

Education and Training

  • Degree in Dental Medicine, Faculty of Dental Medicine;

  • Theoretical-practical post-grad studies in Pediatric Dentistry, Osteoplac-Basque Country

  • Post-graduation in Orthodontics: bases, fundamentals and practice, Faculty of Medicine;

  • Certification in conscious inhalation sedation, European Implantology Center, OPorto.

  • Differentiation-master in gerodontics, ACTA - academic center of dental medicine of Amsterdam (on going), research.

Mohammad Nami

Medical doctor, Neuroscientist, Researcher, Assistant Professor, Speaker 


  • Numerous scientific articles and speeches in international congresses 

  • Chief-editor of JAMSAT and Neuroscience Research Letters Journals

  • President of the Iranian Neuroscience Society 

  • Fellowship on sleep disorders 

  • Head of the Department of Neuroscience at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences 

Education and Training

  • Degree in Medical Science

  • MD in Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience 

Isabel Gaspar

  • Medical Geneticist, Speaker

Natalia Staniszewska

​Neuroscientist, Nutritionist

Education and Training:

  • BSc in Neuroscience 

  • MSc in Neuroscience

  • Diet Coaching Course

  • Dietetics Course

  • Clinical Dietetics Course

  • Psychodietetics Course

  • Horse Riding Instructor

Tatiana Gomes

Nurse, Trainer


  • Family Nurse 

  • Labor Nurse

  • Nurse Generalist 

  • Assistant Nurse in Charge


Education and Training:

  • Degree in nursing

Sofia Peralta

Psychologist and Neuropsychologist

Education and Training:


  • Degree in Clinical Psychology

  • Complementary internship in Clinical Neuropsychology, Hospital de São José

  • Graduate course in gerontology

  • Post-graduation in psychopharmacology

  • Post-graduation in Clinical Neuropsychology

  • Postgraduate course on dementia

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Sandra Aguiar

Clinical and Health Psychologist, Expat-Centered Psychologist, e-Councellor, Researcher


  • Clinical psychologist and online counsellor focused on expatriates and migrants’ mental health issues.  

  • Certified Clinical, Health and Community Psychologist, by the Portuguese Board of Psychology.

  • Certified EuroPsy Clinical and Health Psychologist, by the European Federation of Psychologists' Association.

  • Researcher with particular interest in neuroscience and its relation to memory, human emotions and sexuality. 


Education and Training:

  • Masters degree in Health Psychology

  • Bachelor degree in Clinical and Counselling Psychology

  • Specialization course on Medical Neurosciences (ongoing)

  • Post-graduation on Smoking Prevention and Cessation

  • Specialization course on Psychological Intervention with Children 

  • Specialization course on Systemic Family Therapy

Anabela Vitorino

Clinical Psychologist, Coach, Speaker

  • Experienced clinical psychologist, specializing in pediatric psychology and in adolescents, performs psychological assessments, emotional assessments, cognitive assessment, cognitive and psychological intervention.

  • Trainer experienced in health, business and personal.

  • Develops parental coaching.

Education and Training:


  • Degree in Clinical Psychology

  • Master in Clinical Psychology

  • Ph.D. student in Organizational Psychology, Labor and Resources

  • Humans

  • Certified Coach

Bárbara Araújo

Nutritionist, Sports Nutritionist, Clinical Nutritionist


Education and Training:

  • Degree in Dietetics

  • Advanced weight control and obesity training

  • Nutricoach Course

  • Specialization course in Nutrition and Supplementation​

Renata Vicente

Clinical Nutritionist and Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, completing training in Functional Nutrition

Education and Training:

  • Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition

  • Clinical Analysis Course Applied to Functional Nutrition

  • Course on Nutrition and Functional Gastroenterology

  • Certification in Sports Nutrition

  • Nutritional coaching course

  • Certificate of Pedagogical Skills (CCP) as a trainer

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Catarina Faroppa

​Personal Trainer

  • Personal Trainer, Fitness and bodybuilding Instructor

  • Teacher and jury of Gymnastics 

  • Karate Trainer

Education and Training:

  • Degree in Sports Science

  • Training at the Portuguese Gymnastics Federation

  • Karate Trainer certification

  • Les Mills Training (Body Balance, Body Pump, CX-Worx, Body Attack and Body Combat)

  • Postgraduate Degree in Strength and Conditioning

  • REP Elements Training

Bibiana Cuevas

​Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur, Speaker

  • Personal Trainer, experienced in Pilates, Animal Flow, Pilates oriented towards pregnant and postpartum.

Education and Training:

  • Toning and Direct Activities Course

  • Course of Pilates Mat 3 Levels

  • Swimming Monitor Course

  • Course of Pilates Matinagens Integral Mat + Machines

  • COurse for chronic lombar pain

  • Animal Flow Course

  • Runity Running

  • Pilates Course for pregnancy and post-birth

Ana Machado

Therapist, Entrepreneur, Speaker

  •  Specialist Hypnosis Therapist, Communication Specialist and Electronic Business Management

Education and Training:

  • Reconnective Healing

  • Quick Transformational Therapy

  • Postgraduate in Business Management (eBusiness)

  • Graduation in Communication Sciences

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