Genetic Test for Athletic Performance

Athletic performance is a concept used by athletes and amateur sportsmen that determines the ability to reach maximum athletic potential. Information on genetic predisposition should be integrated with information on physical characteristics (eg, age, sex, muscle mass index, VO2 max) and behavior (eg eating habits, physical activity) to establish the best personalized training plan.


With this genetic test we analyzed the DNA to evaluate 43 genetic variants of 33 genes.
This test has 99% accuracy and only needs to be performed once in a lifetime.


This test identifies the athletic genetic profile with the purpose of informing about athletic potential as well as preventive measures and needs.


The recommendations provided through this test can be used to guide you and your personal trainer in order to optimize your training plan or to better frame your collective workout.





Explosive Force | Explosive Strength Capacity - Discover your genetic potential to exert substantial force in a short time and improve your performance in explosive strength training. Strength and sprint, fiber type, energy generation, metabolic efficiency, blood pressure regulation, cardiac output, muscle hypertrophy​.

Resistance | ability to resist - Find out if you are naturally able to repeat an activity for a long period of time without feeling fatigue.
Cardiopulmonary capacity, blood pressure regulation, metabolic efficiency, fiber type, supply of oxygen to muscles, fatigue tolerance, angiogenesis, muscular performance, running economy.



Resistant Strength | muscle performance ability and strength exercises - Find out if you're fit to practice explosive, sprint, and mixed aerobic-anaerobic sports.
Energy generation, supply of oxygen to muscles, glucose homeostasis, lipid metabolism, blood pressure regulation, angiogenesis.



VO2 max | Aerobic Capacity - Understand your ability to perform moderate to high intensity, dynamic exercise that has an impact on your cardiorespiratory fitness.
VO2 max, supply of oxygen to muscles, fatigue tolerance.

Injuries | Tendency to injury - Learn if you have an increased predisposition for tendon and ligament injuries.
Exercise-induced muscle damage, inflammation, oxidative stress, pain, tendinopathies and ruptured ligaments, strength, insulin signaling.



Recovery Needs | Muscle Regeneration Capacity - Learn about the recovery time of your muscles after exercise.
Muscle regeneration, collagen formation, inflammation, insulin signaling.




Energy Replacement Needs | nutritional needs - Learn about your nutritional needs and the balance between training and proper intake of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.
Antioxidant needs, polyunsaturated fatty acid requirements, BMI response to exercise.




Muscle Gain | Muscle Growth Capacity - Discover the facility for gaining muscle strength through explosive strength training.
Muscle damage and regeneration, muscle hypertrophy, explosive force, muscle mass.

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