Nutrigenetic Test

Nutrigenetics is a science that investigates the association of genes with each individual's response to food intake. The use of information on genetic predisposition in the definition of a nutritional plan should be integrated with information on physical characteristics (eg: age, gender, etc.) and behavioral information (eg: eating habits, physical activity, etc.)


With this genetic test, it analyzes its DNA with the objective of evaluating 94 genetic variants in 67 genes that, in a determinant way, are associated with nutrition and weight control.

The obtained result, designated as genetic profile, is unique for each individual and can contribute in a determinant way to the elaboration of a personalized nutritional plan.

The associations identified between the genes studied and the organism's response to food intake are based on scientific studies of international reference.

We'll know what your genes say about:

  • Your body - Find out what genetic predisposition to your body composition, Body Mass Index (BMI), waist-hip ratio, abdominal fat, insulin resistance, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, weight, appetite control

  • Your Food - Find out what the optimal nutritional action plan is for your body. Carbohydrates, fiber, fats, proteins, vitamins, salt, caffeine.

  • Your Behavior - Find out what the ideal behavioral action plan is for healthy weight management. Control of appetite, sleep, physical exercise.

  • Check if there is a propensity to develop any neurodegenerative disease or other



Take this test, discover your genetic propensities and use them preventively for your health.

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