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Genetic Tests
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Genetic testing is done once in a lifetime, it is a unique investment!

The result obtained is unique to each individual and contributes decisively to the prevention of the development of pathologies and preventive health.

The personal characteristics evaluated in this genetic test are polygenic traits, i.e., multiple genes contribute to the same characteristic.


Genetic testing makes it possible to identify:

  • Predisposition for the development of pathologies.

  • Nutritional genetic profile and food intolerances.

  • Genetic profile of athletic performance.

  • Vitamin deficit

  • Common health risks

  • Welfare

  • Predisposition to stress

  • Physical characteristics

  • Features

  • Behavioral

  • Features of

  • Personality

  • Disease Risk

  • Dementia and Mental Health

  • Oncological Risk

  • Planning Risk

  • Family

The tests you can take:

  • Nutrigenetics

  • Athletic Performance

  • Well-being Genetics

  • Pharmacogenetics Comprehensive Test

Most people carry at least one pathogenic mutation in a gene included in our family planning "panel". It usually only becomes a problem if both parents have a pathogenic mutation in one copy of the same gene.

When this happens, even if neither parent has symptoms, there is a 1 in 4 chance, for each pregnancy, that your child will be affected by the condition associated with the gene.

For more information download the following pdf here:

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