The valences are a complement to the Mental and Physical development, to enhancing the cerebral and physical health of each individual, preventing their decline and maintaining a balance in the training of Neuroplasticity.

Our Values are Formative (Mini-courses, Specialization Courses and Postgraduate Courses), Research in the field of Neurosciences, Nutrition and Physical Exercise and in the Clinical field.

To Create a Better Brain

Want Different Results, Then Do Something Different!


How Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity, Physical Exercise and Nutrition oriented to stimulation of the neurotransmitters production can contribute to different results.​

Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity have the preponderant role and can help in understanding the principle of functioning of each person. It is almost as if each person came with an Instruction Manual, which makes it possible to obtain different results and with greater gains.
Neuroplasticity Training with a balanced diet and physical exercise are the necessary ingredients to empower different results in people.
Boost the Health of Your Brain and Your Body

Upgrade yourself, "Rewiring Your Brain"


We offer a multidisciplinary team, innovative and differentiated.
We strive to develop projects with personalized and bold methodologies that allow our clients to fully achieve their goals in the least possible time.


Our team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in each of its areas of intervention. We have the capacity to provide pragmatic and effective solutions, where each challenge will be a gain challenge

We work in the training field, in the clinical field in the areas of cerebral stimulation, neuropsychology, genetics, psychology, nutrition, neurology and physical exercise and in the scientific investigation field.

With us, more of the same, no thanks!

"Give everything you are the least you do" is the maxim on which we conceive each project so that we can position our clients on the road to success.



The aim of the research is to look for tools to keep people healthy, to boost their skills and abilities.

In people with neurological pathologies, neurodegenerative pathologies and strokes we developed research with the objective of obtaining greater understanding and knowledge investigating the possibility of application as a therapeutic alternative in delaying the evolution of pathologies. In this way we intend to promote a greater and better quality of life, helping patients who have lost capacities, trying to restore them as much as possible.

For this purpose we use healthy nutrition, we use physical exercise and the help of neurosciences. 



Physical Exercise


Neurotrophic Factors



Client / Patient - Each client or patient will have on our part a multidisciplinary team to serve him, with the purpose of giving answers to the needs of each one.


HPB/ HPS establishes different types of partnerships in order to provide a greater and better diversity of options / solutions to our clients.
Any and all partnership developed by HPB / HPS has as main purpose the complementarity of services and to bring added value to the whole process / service provided.





We look forward to your contact!

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